Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide all kinds of legal services, legal relations and disputes to solve the problems of our university in order to carry out the services of our university and its affiliated units in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation and in accordance with the general principles of law, universal values, human rights, equality and fairness, defend.

           In the light of the principle of supremacy of law, for the purpose of justice, to provide legal advice for the provision of a law-abiding administration, to obtain the rights and benefits of the University quickly and effectively and to provide public benefit in the final analysis.

While our consultant undertakes this mission; To provide the best service as a unit which is based on universal values ​​and general principles of the law, which is attached to the general principles of law, and which has adopted the vision of our university with its modern, quality, fast and reliable service understanding.

           All kinds of actions and processes established in all units of the University shall be established within the boundaries defined by the legislation by establishing strong legal control mechanisms in accordance with the general principles of law, equality and adherence and universal norms.